Japanese Spring Festival

February is the month of spring season.  The spring season is considered to be the time to start a new life after the long Japanese winter.

The Spring Festival will be held in sympathy for those who affected by Super Typhoon Yutu, in prayer for the quick recovery, and to share the spirit of #MarianasSTRONG.

Bazaars and traditional demonstrations and dances are planned. Food vendors are also planning to sell popular Japanese cuisine.  A game booth and a raffle are scheduled.
This festival is one of many examples of the historical connection between The Marianas and Japan, and organizers warmly welcomes all residents and visitors.

FREE Zumba for American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month. Wear red and come join us for FREE Zumba at Garapan Central Park!

This is a pre-launch event by the Non-Communicable Disease Bureau. Zumba classes will continue every week at Garapan Central Park (Monday to Thursday from 6:00PM-8:00PM)

3rd Annual Marianas Beer & BBQ Festival

An annual evening festival toasting the duo of beer and barbecue in The Marianas, featuring a variety of beers and chasers, live entertainment, and contests.  Open to all ages.

An entrance fee is charged for those who will imbibe.  The legal drinking age in The Marianas is 21.

Details on venue and costs will be announced once confirmed.

4th Annual International Festival of Cultures (September 21, 22, & 23) (Saipan)

Eleven culture groups living in The Marianas have signed up to participate in the Marianas Visitors Authority’s 4th Annual International Festival of Cultures on Sept. 21-23, 2018, at Paseo de Marianas in Saipan.

For the first time, the African community will join the event.  Also confirmed to participate are The Marianas, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Marshall Is., Hawaii, Tonga/Fiji/Samoa, Bangladesh, Philippines, Korea, and Japan. Additional groups are invited to join the celebration of the cultural diversity of The Marianas.

The International Festival of Cultures will be held from 5-10 p.m. each night and will feature live entertainment, ethnic food, arts and crafts demonstrations, and more.

For more information, contact MVA Community Projects Coordinator Demalynn Pagarao at dpagarao@mymarianas.com or 1.670.664.3219 for more information.


Simånan Åmut Natibu/ Sumwóólal Sáfeyal Falúw/Native Medicinal Week – Åmut Demonstrations & Tasting I

Åmut is the indigenous Chamorro word for medicine. As part of the Indigenous Affairs Office’s long term commitment to supporting Inetnun Åmut yan Kutturan Natibu, a CNMI-wide non-profit organization dedicated to traditional medicinal practices, a series of Åmut Demonstrations are being held throughout the month of September.

These demonstrations provide a rare opportunity for members of the community, of all ages and cultural backgrounds, to engage in the preparation processes and applications of traditional Chamorro and Carolinian medicine. Participants will observe, interact with and learn from some of the foremost practitioners of these healing arts–fading art forms that are highly in need of preservation for our future generations. See an overview of IAO’s scheduled Åmut Demonstrations listed below.

Sept. 8, 12pm – 4pm presented by Inetnun Åmut yan Kutturan Natibu and sponsored by Indigenous Affairs Office. Location of event will be at Civic Center, gi Guma’ Higai known as Seafaring Traditions Program Canoe House

Sept. 18 & 20 – 4pm – 5:30pm presentation and tasting sponsored by Indigenous Affairs Office. Location of event will be at the Indigenous Affairs Office on Capitol Hill

Sept. 22 – 12pm – 4pm presented by Inetnun Åmut yan Kutturan Natibu sponsored by Indigenous Affairs Office. Location will be at the Indigenous Affairs Office on Capitol Hill