Japanese Spring Festival

February is the month of spring season.  The spring season is considered to be the time to start a new life after the long Japanese winter.

The Spring Festival will be held in sympathy for those who affected by Super Typhoon Yutu, in prayer for the quick recovery, and to share the spirit of #MarianasSTRONG.

Bazaars and traditional demonstrations and dances are planned. Food vendors are also planning to sell popular Japanese cuisine.  A game booth and a raffle are scheduled.
This festival is one of many examples of the historical connection between The Marianas and Japan, and organizers warmly welcomes all residents and visitors.

3rd Annual Marianas Beer & BBQ Festival

An annual evening festival toasting the duo of beer and barbecue in The Marianas, featuring a variety of beers and chasers, live entertainment, and contests.  Open to all ages.

An entrance fee is charged for those who will imbibe.  The legal drinking age in The Marianas is 21.

Details on venue and costs will be announced once confirmed.

Japanese Autumn Festival

The Japanese Society of the Northern Mariana Islands, non-profit organization, is currently arranging to conduct the annual The 33rd Japanese Autumn Festival which will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at Paseo de Marianas in Garapan, Saipan.
At this event, we will be having Japanese traditional performances, together with Japanese delicacies foods and games for both tourists and locals to enjoy.
Food vendors will also be selling popular Japanese foods such as yaki-soba, kara-age, yaki-meshi, tako-yaki, yaki-tori, and more. Game booths will include ring toss, shooting gallery, super ball, water balloon fishing, and a raffle.

4th Annual Marianas Ukulele Festival

The 4th Annual Marianas Ukelele Festival features continuous live, entertainment, ukulele demonstrations, arts and crafts booths, food booths, and a raffle. As always, the Ukulele Festival is free and open to the public.

This year’s program will be focusing on local CNMI artists of all ages and skill levels, from professional entertainers to novice players. The Sunset Cruisers, Gus Kaipat and the Olomwa’ay Sons and Daughters, Alana’ia, Da Kine, and Saipan Community School have been confirmed so far.

We are also partnering with various community-based ukulele instructional programs, such as the Dept. of Community and Cultural Affairs/Arts Council, Joeten Kiyu Public Library, Carolinian Affairs Office, and Saipan Community School to provide greater access to formal ukulele instruction, and we will be giving away thirty (30) scholarships for free ukulele lessons. Another goal is to get more ukuleles out into the community, so we will be raffling off fifteen (15) ukuleles.